Optimisation of Sponsored Ads

Sponsored Ads campaign management reimagined
automated, efficient and successful thanks to AI

Boost sales with greater Sponsored Ads efficiency

Ad Optimiser from metoda ensures your products and brands achieve maximum visibility for all the relevant search terms. Our sophisticated artificial intelligence optimises your Sponsored Ads campaigns entirely automated, making campaign management a far more efficient process. This means that faster and better results can be achieved. With Ad Optimiser, metoda customers regularly attain sales growth of 100 per cent or more in the first three months – with no increase in their costs.

AI thrust for your campaigns

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Advertising with Sponsored Ads is the key to achieving resounding success on the Amazon platform. However, campaign management can be a very expensive and time-consuming process. metoda’s Ad Optimiser harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to optimise your Amazon performance. Its 24/7 automation provides an enormous speed advantage and keeps manual interventions to a minimum. Instead of following a simple set of rules, the powerful metoda AI responds flexibly day and night to any market changes. Ad Optimiser lets you optimise your brands’ margins and sales while maintaining full cost control. For real efficiency, all KPIs are displayed centrally. In other words: our Amazon campaign management guarantees your e-commerce success.

The basis for your success – Sponsored Ads

For brands and manufacturers, it is simply no longer possible to ignore Sponsored Ads. Amazon is not only king of sales, champion of growth and market leader in e-commerce, it is also the number one product search engine. Product and brand visibility on the Amazon platforms are therefore now the key success factor for many businesses. Successful Amazon campaigns boost sales figures and revenue, ensure the success of product launches and increase the overall brand-awareness. Ad Optimiser is your all-in-one solution for an effective implementation of your marketing strategies. Maximise the success of your products and brands on Amazon with the power of AI.

The Sponsored Ads-Opportunity

The proficient use of Amazon advertisements provides tremendous potential for brands to boost revenue and growth in their Amazon business. Automated optimisation enables higher visibility, while having full cost control.

The Sponsored Ads-Challenge

Manual campaign management is intricate and time-consuming. Standard business processes are often not suited to implement Amazon campaigns suitably. The automated optimisation through metoda’s data-intelligence represents the ideal solution.

Automated campaign optimisation with Ad Optimiser


  • Choose campaign types
  • Assign ASINs
  • Allocate budget
  • Calculate CPC bids
  • Find relevant keywords
  • Define keyword match types


  • Identify best/worst keywords
  • Increase or decrease CPC bids depending on keyword performance
  • Adjust budget settings and track overall budget spent
  • Review profitablility and ROAS
  • Improve keyword match types
  • Add new keywords


  • Understand campaign performance (seasonal effects, OOS…)
  • Benchmark product performance to assess product / market fit
  • Identify new search terms for your content optimisation (SEO)

Trying to manually manage Sponsored Ads campaigns and KPI analyses, companies quickly reach their limits. Analysing the extensive data is a time-consuming task, with appropriate measures being frequently implemented too late as a result. Ad Optimiser is the ideal solution for these day-to-day challenges. Our artificial intelligence performs keyword searches, automatically creates campaigns and dynamically adjusts budgets and CPC bids in line with changing market requirements. Ad optimiser can consequently achieve new levels of efficiency. 24/7 optimisation ensures the best possible results at all times by continuously adapting to market changes – for any type of campaign, anywhere in the world. The benefits for your business will be felt almost immediately.

Ad Optimiser always gets the most out of your Sponsored Ad campaigns


ASIN specific campaign setup and optimisation


Objective decisions based on actual performance data


Automated campaign management & no manual effort

How Ad Optimiser works

Customer input:

  • Amazon account / API access
  • ASIN selection
  • TACoS definition
  • Overall budget determination
  • Content creation
    (SBA(HSA), PDA)

Initial data analysis:

  • Keyword research
  • CPC bid calculation
  • Budget allocation

Initial setup:

  • Campaign setup according to initial data analysis and customer input

Campaign optimisation:

  • CPC bid adjustments
  • Budget reallocation
  • Overall budget control
  • Keyword management

Campaign analysis:

  • Campaign performance reporting
  • Product benchmarking insights
  • Search term recommen- dations for SEO

Increase the success of your Amazon business with Sponsored Ads and let the powerful metoda AI do most of the hard work for you. Simply select the ASINs to be advertised and specify the ACoS targets and your total budget – the AI takes care of everything else. The automation of your Amazon campaigns is based on Ad Optimiser’s ongoing analysis and evaluation of the latest performance data. The built-in cost-safeguards ensure your campaign stays within budget limits, while the AI ensures that your resources are allocated perfectly and efficiently. You receive the KPIs and results from your Sponsored Ad campaigns (performance, keywords) in informative reports that can be further processed by your company.

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