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AMS-Kampagnen automatisiert optimieren. Bei gleichbleibenden oder sinkenden Kostenquoten Ihren Amazon-Umsatz nachhaltig steigern!

The all-in-one Solution
for your Sponsored Ad Campaigns

Automated, AI-controlled optimisation
of any type of campaign - anywhere in the world

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Harness the power of artificial intelligence for your campaigns in Sponsored Ads and immediately achieve better results. Campaign automation reduces the need for manual intervention to a minimum – Ad Optimiser performs keyword searches, automatically launches campaigns, and continuously monitors their success. A detailed live reporting always provides you with precisely the KPI data you really need. Rather than simply following a set of rules, our automation solution responds flexibly and intelligently to any market changes. Wield the power of AI for your campaigns today and immediately achieve better results.

Use our AI to automate any type of campaign

Boost your sales figures and revenue, ensure the success of your product launches, protect your market share, and increase the overall awareness of your brand with Sponsored Ads. Ad Optimiser is your all-in-one solution for implementing your marketing strategies. Optimise all of your Amazon campaigns with our services – intelligently, automated, data-driven, and 24/7.

A quick look at the solution

Ad Optimiser ensures you always have a complete overview of your campaign activities. All of the important KPIs are clearly displayed on the dashboard at all times, while various filters lets you individually analyse the live data. Ad Optimiser requires only a select number of inputs from your side and enables you to achieve optimal results faster.

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Special Features

Additional bookable services


Sponsored Products
(10 ASINs & 1 entity & 28 days)
Chat & Email
1 User(incl. Change Log)
Campaign Reporting
0,-€ fee




Sponsored Products
Chat, Telefon & Email
1 User (incl. Change Log)  
Campaign Reporting
Produkt Insights Reporting
3% of spent budget (min. 500€)  
Managed Service



PRO(only for vendors)

Sponsored Products
Sponsored Brand Ads1
Product Display Ads2  
Chat & Email  
5 User (incl. Change Log)  
Campaign Reporting
Produkt Insights Reporting
5% of spent budget
(min. 1000€)
Managed Service

1 Vendoren Only
 2while still available


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