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The formula to
maximum success on Amazon

deep market knowledge,
optimal product/market fit,
maximum visibility

Take your company to the next level

Think Product Centric

Work data-driven

Be AI Powered

The formula to success for your Amazon business

Success can only be influenced when you understand the underlying factors.
We used our deep experience from more than 1,000 customer projects and transformed it into our proven Amazon formula.

Our solution for your success

Brands achieve maximum success in the highly competitive Amazon business with metoda’s innovative solutions. Our sophisticated business intelligence tools provide valuable insights from international markets, ensuring greater transparency in e-commerce. Our detailed analyses of the market and competition create the basis for making better business decisions. Brands use the AI-driven Ad Optimiser to maximize their efficiency in Amazon Marketing Services. Ultimately, this leads to a deeper market knowledge, a perfect product/market fit and maximum visibility on the international Amazon platforms. In short: algorithmic, data-driven e-commerce with a guarantee to success!

Market Knowledge

  • Learn all about market size and market development
  • Recognise latest trends and improve your forecasting
  • Use a detailed reporting regarding market shares and product performance
  • Keep track on your competitors and promotional activities

Ad Optimiser

Product / Market Fit

  • Optimise your content by identifying the most relevant keywords
  • Know your product availability and don't run out-of-stock*
  • Track your product ratings and be aware of bad reviews
  • Monitor and benchmark your prices against competitors

  • *Soon to come

Price API


  • Boost your paid visibility through AI powered AMS campaign management and optimisation
  • Analyse your campaign performance down to daily level and receive further insights
  • Increase your organic visibility and stay informed about missing search terms*
  • *Soon to come

Ad Optimiser

New-found efficiency for Amazon Marketing Services

Easy Campaign



Live reporting


performance boost

metoda’s Ad Optimiser helps brands and products achieve maximum visibility on Amazon – data-driven and cost-effective! Our artificial intelligence optimises Amazon campaigns automatically and around the clock. While reducing costs, Ad Optimiser achieves significant performance improvements and sharp increases in sales. Automatic keyword search and keyword optimisation ensure maximum impact for your advertising on Amazon. Rather than following a rigid set of rules, Ad Optimiser intelligently responds to market changes. With metoda’s Ad Optimiser manual campaign management becomes obsolete, freeing up valuable resources. Our adaptive AI leads faster and more efficiently to improved results. Get the most out of your Amazon advertising with Ad Optimiser from metoda!

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